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Election Notice - Halka List After Scruitny, Dated 11-11-2016
Election Notice - Dated 21-11-2016
Election Notice - nomination, Dated 21-11-2016
Election Notice - oredr 06 GSNMS elections 2016, Dated 11-11-2016
Election Notice - ORDER ORIGINAL SIGN, Dated 12-10-2016
Election Notice - ORDER Dated 1-11-2016
05 GSNMSelections Dated 1-11-2016
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At present there are 33 members in the Gurudwara Prabandhak Committee, out of which 28 are being elected directly by elections among the local Gurudwara delegates and rest of five are nominated by these elected members.The five nominated members come from the different categories viz. one from educated mass (like doctor, advocate , engineer etc.) three come from Kar Seva, and the rest one come from Representative board of Uttarakhand Sikhs.


From 1998 due to disputes among different Local Sikh Groups, some of them appealed in the Court for the different reasons. As a result, currently (as of this writing in Nov. 2008) the GPC has been replaced by a five member committee by the order of High Court and the head of the management committee (Receiver) is the D.M. (District Magistrate ) of Distt. Udham Singh Nagar, Uttarakhand. The D. M. appoints a Manager for the management of Gurudwara and related properties. This is a temporary arrangement until a new GPC comes in existence after a proper elections.

Members of GPC Managerial Staff Working Areas Structure Of GPC
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